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I was doing a summer internship in a lighting Control company based in LA in 2004. These are the pictures from then. Unfortunately, I didn't have much opportunity to go to many places I wanted to visit.

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Array of spotlights at Hollywood Bowl

Another view

A view from the stage

Another view from the stage

Getting ready for the show

The Mariachi group rehearsing before the show

Big screen TV - new addition to the Bowl

Crews preparing for the pyrotechnics to be displayed at the end of the show

An attractive piece of architecture

Fireworks (pyrotechnics) after the Mariachi show (following row)



daylighting inside the Burbank Mall (following row)



My apartment mate's cat - DPG (I forgot what it stands for)

DPG prefers fresh running water

From the porch of the apartment where I stayed

Following three rows are taken on my farewell day in our office

From left to right: Lourdes, Dania, ?, Irene, Brian and Wilson;

From left to right: Choi, Lourdes and Irene

From left to right: Choi, Wilson, Lourdes and Irene

Me with Lourdes and Irene


Me and Zoly

Irene and Lourdes brought a farewell cake on the day I left

On the way from Los Angeles to Santa Monica (Santa Monica Blvd.)

Have you listened to Sheryl Crow's song "All I wanna do"?

The following pictures are of the Venice Beach, Santa Monica













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