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Latest: I got married on January 16, 2013. Some photos are here.

I know, this page badly needs an update. I am still procrastinating, but on the good side,
I added an album on Paris.

Moving from one continent to the other has been really exhausting! But this also ended a prolonged period of uncertainty and frustration on the career front. It took some courage on my part to get out of the comfort zone: to give up a job offer from California, and move to France for three years (at least) without knowing any French at all! So far, it has been exactly as I expected. Every day is a great adventure to overcome the language barrier, as I keep inventing new ways to express myself, knowing it can only get better as days pass by. On the professional front, I see great prospect of doing exciting things, something I felt ever since this opportunity knocked on my door - reason enough to accept the challenge, both in terms of personal and professional life.

By the way, the picture on the left was taken during a hiking trip to Sedona, AZ in summer 2007. The right one is from my cross-country road trip from Rochester, New York to Chandler, Arizona (around 2200 miles). You may think why I do not have pictures of France yet. Well, pretty soon. Drop by in a couple of weeks, I will probably have something new for you.


Here is one of my favorite shots from Rose Garden, Portland OR (2006). A yellow rose - a symbol of friendship!


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