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 I went to Paris on a 4-day vacation on August 14, 2009 (probably my third time). It was a new experience in my life, arranging  rideshare to Paris with people I do not know, staying at the youth hostel for the first time, walking from day to night along the city streets...I felt a sense of liberation, breaking away from the usual routines of life! As I try to think what I enjoyed the most in the city, it seems walking along the banks of river Seine, or along the avenue des Champs-Elysées was the most pleasurable. During my stay in Paris, I met some nice and friendly people. To me personally, it is not the place itself that makes it special, no matter how glamorous and beautiful it is, but it is the people who make a place special. It is not always the case in Paris that you come across nice people, but you should not lose patience. Even though I dislike most big cities, I think Paris is special in many ways.

This album is a selection of pictures I took with my digital SLR (Canon Digital Rebel XTi).  I am not a professional, but I love taking pictures, like many other people, and I am keen to learn more about photography. I welcome any critical review (please send me an email at 

Please click an image if you want to see the higher resolution version. You can press the back button to come back to this page.

Place du Châtelet

Musée du Louvre, from outside

Musée du Louvre, inside the enormous compund

On the bank of Seine, a river boat (Batobus) is passing by

On one of the many bridges on river Seine

On the bank of Seine, Eiffel Tower on the horizon

Another gorgeous bridge

Arc de triomphe, world's largest roundabout where twelve major avenues intersect

Overlooking the city of Paris from Basilique de Sacré-Cœur in Butte Montmartre

People enjoying music and panoramic view of Paris in front of Basilique de Sacré-Cœur

Tour Eiffel à la nuit: Eiffel tower at night

Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral, near the entrance

Inside the Notre Dame Cathedral

Panoramic view from the top of the Notre Dame Tower

River Seine from the top of the Notre Dame Tower

Fontaine Saint Michel

River Seine

And there it is...

The icon of the Louvre!

Street orchestra, something unique of French culture?

Place de la Concorde

The famous Avenue des Champs-Elysées

Château de Versailles (Versailles Palace)

A chandelier in Château de Versailles

Famous Salon des Glaces - Hall of Mirrors

Grandes Eaux Musicales (Musical Fountain) in Château de Versailles, a rather disappointment

Saint Michel at night (you can call it the food district)

Gallerie Lafayette!

Academie Nationale de Musique 

Moulin Rouge!

Seine at night

L'Obélisque de Louxor: describes how the monument was brought from Egypt; the monument is 3300 years old, older than Paris 

A divine look!


Upper chapel in Sainte-Chapelle - the largest expanse of 13th century stained glass in the world

Palais de Justice

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